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Latest Product of Sodium Hypochloride Solution Tenders

Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 48840725
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2023  |  234 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement services by this institute during the next 1-5 years #*. procurement projections #*. appointing a technical agency to partner csir-clri in the statistical analysis of the collected foot data to derive the indian footwear sizing system and also establish equivalence of the novel indian footwear sizing system with other international sizing systems. #*. appointing a legal advisor to advise the institute on various legal issues. #*. appointing a consultant to advise on tax related issues. #*. engaging expert for content creation in connection with academic / vocational / skill development training and similar programmes. #*. engaging expert agency for socioeconomic impact assessment. #*. procurement projections, black phenyl, broom stick plastic, cane stick 5 ft long size, glass cleaner, color mop, liquid hand wash, dust bin 120l, dust bin bags, air pocket, hand sanitizer 500 ml, toilet cleaners, rodent repellant, liquid soap oil, naphthalene balls 100 gms, disinfectant solutions consisting of sodium hypochlorite, plastic bucket, plastic mug 1 l, room spray, rubber gloves, soft brooms, toilet brush round, urinal cubes, white phenyl, a4 copier paper, attendance register, ball point pen, bill books, binder clip ( 32mm small size), binder clip (52mm big size), brown sheet, brown tape 2 inches, carbon paper (blue), carbon paper (black), cd marker, cello tape, chalk box, cloth line cover (rain proof)a/3 size with clri printing(bilingual), cloth line cover (rain proof)a/4 size with clri printing(bilingual), conference folder, consumable issue book, dishwashing liquid, duster cloth, envelopes with clri printing(bilingual) ,brown & white color a/4 size, file cover, gem clip, non consumable issue book, non-absorbent cotton, noting sheet, green colour, pass out book(permanent), pass out book(temporary), pencil, peon book, plain envelopes with clri printing (bilingual) white color, plastic dust bin, rubber band, rubber stamp ink, ruled register with one index page, ruled small size note 200pg, scribbling pad, sharpener, single hole punch, stamp pad, stapler, stapler pin, small size, tag - medium, tissue paper roll, unruled longsize note 200 pg, white board marker, window envelopes with clri printing (bilingual )white color, 1.4 dioxan ar 500ml, acetic acid ar, acetonitrile ar 500ml, acetone ar 500ml, acetone lr 500ml, ammonia solution ar 500ml, chloroform ar 500ml, chloroform lr 500ml, dichloromethane 2.5 ltrs lr, dichloromethane ar 500ml, diethyl ether ar 500ml, dimethyl sulphoxide ar 500ml, di-sodium hydrogen orthphosphate anhydrous ar 500 gm, ethyl acetate lr 2.5 ltrs lr, glycerol ar-500 ml, hexamine ar 500gm, hexane ar, hexane lr, hydrochloric acid ar, luria bertani broth miller-500 gm, nn-dimethyl formamide ar 500ml, nitric acid lr, potassium carbonate ar 500 gm, potassium hydroxide pellets ar-500 gm, petroleum ether lr, potassium sulphate ar.500ml, propan-2 -ol (iso-propyl alconol) lr 500ml, pyridine ar 500 ml, siver nitrate ,ar 25 gm, sodium bicarbonate ar-500 gm, sodium chloride ,ar 500 gm, sodium hydroxide pellets ar 500 gm, tris buffer ar 500ml, beaker 25 ml, beaker 50 ml, beaker 100 ml, beaker 250 ml, beaker 500 ml, beaker 1ltrs, beaker 2ltrs, buchner funnel35 g2, conical flask 100 ml, conical flask 250 ml, conical flask 500 ml, funnels small size 35mm, funnels below 60mm & 80mm, funnels lonstem, 100mm, measuring cylinder 50ml, measuring cylinder 100ml, measuring cylinder 250ml, measuring cylinder 1ltrs, petri dishes s - line 4", round bottom flask,-50 ml, round bottom flask,-100 ml, tubes, culture, screw cap, fb, 15ml, tubes, culture, screw cap, fb,30 ml, test tubes with rim,25 x 150, volumetric flask 10ml, volumetric flask 25ml, volumetric flask 50ml, volumetric flask 100ml, volumetric flask 250ml, centrifuge tubes 15 ml (pack of 25 nos), centrifuge tubes 50 ml (pack of 25 nos), micro centrifuge tubes 1.5ml, micro centrifuge tubes 2.0ml, micro tips 1000, micro tips 200, g.i elbow, g.i tee, downt led light 18watts, emergency light, 6a 1 way switch, downt led light 12watts, led bulb 10watts, led bulb 18watts, led light fittings 36watts 2x2, philips life-max plus 36w fl- tube light, ph meter, refrigerator, floor cleaner, shoe repairing machine, rapid prototyping 3d printer, 3d foot scanner, reversible leather setting machine, vector network analyzer, luminescence confocal microscope with two photon excitation, in situ raman spectroelectrochemistry, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (xps), thin film coater, electrospray ionization mass spectrometer (esi-ms), phosphorescence spectrophotometer, microwave extraction cum digestion system, nitrogen gas generator - pilot scale, bally flexing machine, uv-vis spectrophotometer, automated soxhlet extraction, steam distillation, rotavapour, hot air oven, muffle furnace, shaking waterbath, laboratory type ii water purifier, nitrogen gas generator, clicking machine for samples/components cutting, lace to lace abrasion tester, lace to eyelet abrasion tester, circu
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 51720778
Closing Date 20 - Sep - 2022  |  42 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of medicine, injection, tablet, capsule, syrup, lotion, powder, gel, ointment, other, nictine gums, nicotine patches, adhesive plaster, paper adhesive tape, adult diaper, baby diaper, ambu bag adult, ambu bag child, artery force, bandage cutting scissor, bandage roll, bed side locker, bed ticket holder, bio medical waste collection bag, bp apparatus cuff set, bp apparatus mercury free, cheatle forceps, cloth mask, cotton roll, disposable cap, disposable needle, disposable syringe with needle, dressing drum, dressing table, ecg paper, emergency light, examination gloves, foley catheter, fowler bed, gauze than, gauze than, gloves sterilizer, hamer, hand torch, height measuring stand, hospital cot, hospital wheel chair, house hold glove pair, humidifier for oxygen cylinder, iv cannula, iv set sterile, kindey tray medium, mackin tosh shading double colorm medicine trolley, normal scissor, n95 mask, needle destroyer, oxygen cylinder complete set, oxygen cylinder key, oxygen mask, patient carrying trolly on wheel, patient food trolley, plaster gypsona, plastic apron, ppe kit, pulse oximeter digital fingertip, revolving stool, safety googles, safety shoe cover, sanitizer, spirit lamp metal, stethascope, stich cutting, stretcher trolley,surgical instrument tray with cover, surgical needle, urine bag, vaporizer, weight machine digital, pathology items, diluent, rince, lyse, ez cleaner, electrolyte analyzer, solution pack, sodium electrode conditioner, deprtienilizer, sodium electrode, potassium electrode, lithium electrode, elisa kit, rapid kit, filter paper, plastic items, tube non vacuum, plain tube with cap, fluoride tube with cap, micro tips, urine collection pot sterile, cover slp, stain and fixer, field stain, geimsa stain, methanol, distilled water, ammonia kit, chloestrol, hdl chloestrol, triglyceroid, sgpt, total protein, albumin, creatinine, amylase, calcium, glucose reagent god, gamm gt, uric acid, widal kit, benedict solution, sodium hypochlorite, fouchet reagent, sulphur powder, sodium citrate, tourniquet, potassium, phosphate dibasic, x ray items, x ray film, x ray developing solution powder, x ray fixer, x ray lead set, etc.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.50 Million / 15 Lakh
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 51845208
Closing Date 07 - Sep - 2022  |  29 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of water supply material, GI socket, GI elbow, GI union, GI bend, GI Tee, GI pipe, hand pump, water chamber, GM gate wall, GI bush socket, GI log socket, CI adopter, rod, tap, CI tee, DI pipe, CID joint, CI flange, CI sluice valve, CI non retrun valve, MS clamp, starter, hose pipe, kit set, MCB 32 ampere SP, fire bridgade battery,. PVC garden pipe, CPVC pipe, CPVC plain socket, CPVC brass socket, submersible motor pump, panel board, starter coil and oil, submersible cable, aluminium service wire, copper wire, DI pipe, HDP roll PVC pipe, coupler, rubber sheet etc and cleaning material, PVC gamela, spade, broom, hand gloves, gum boot, lime powder, bleaching powder, phenyl, acid, sari, petticoat, mask, hand sanitizer, shoe, shocks, cap, raincoat, thermal fogging spray, spray machine, larva guard, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, harpic, hand-wash, wiper, mope etc. #Hindi
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 51751181
Closing Date 02 - Sep - 2022  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of sodium hyaluronate 1.8% solution for intraocular injection 0.55ml. pfs or more #*. sodium hyaluronate 1.8% solution for intraocular injection 0.55ml. pfs or more
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 51979985
Closing Date 26 - Aug - 2022  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurment of medical stores encore micro-optic gloves powder free, gamma sterile, polypack-sz 7.0, loop polyamied suture, size 1, length 150-200cm, 1/2 circle taper point needle 48mm,box of 36 foils, black braided silk suture size 1, 70-90 cm reverse cutting 3/8 circle needle 40 - 45 m, absorbable suture (coated polyglycolic 910 size no 0, 70-90 cms,rb), absorbable suture (coated polyglycolic 910 size no 1, 70-90 cms,rb), sterile powder free micro optic gloves composition of epoxy brown a.r.t gamma sterile aql 0.065 & avp size 7., sterile powder free micro optic gloves composition of epoxy brown a.r.t.gamma sterile aql 0.065 size 7.5, encore micro-optic gloves powder free, gamma sterile, polypack-sz 7.5, polymer ligating clips (cartridge of 06 clips) size 5mm-13mm (purple), disposable bull dog clamps, large straight (set of 2), disposable bull dog clamps, medium angled (set of 2), disposable tongue depressor, diclofenec inj 75 mg iv preparation (dynapar), inj patent blue v, dcgi ,usfda & ce certified npwt dressing kits containing medium polyurethane foam dressing (10 x 7.5 x 3.2cm) with with drape, ruler, trac tubing ( sensatrac, medium granufoam dressing), hydrofibre dressing assorted size (9x15cm), hydrofibre dressing assorted size (9x25cm), hydrofibre dressing assorted size (9x30cm), wound dressing with safetac technology size 5x12.5 cm usfda approved box of 05, wound dressing with safetac technology size 7.5 x7.5 cm usfda approved box of 5, polyamide , black or blue , monofilament 3/8 c 0 , 75-90 cm , 30-40 mm, size 2/0 , reverse cutting, polypropylene blue monofilament 70-75 cm size 1, 1/2 circle rb 30-35mm needle, polypropylene blue monofilament 70-75 cm size 2/0, 1/2 circle rb 40-45mm needle, ethibond excel no 5 (green braided polyester,75cm long,48mm 1/2 circle tapercut needle), 4 strands per packet/foil, polydiaxonone size 2/0 ,1/2 circle rb 31mm needle length 70-90 cm, polydioxanone size 3/0, 70-75 cm,1/2 circle taper point, 22 mm visiblack needle, polydioxanone size 4/0 70-75cm, circle taper point ,22mm visiblack needle, polyglecprone 25 antibacterial size 3/0,70-75cm 3/8 circle reverse cutting , needle size 24mm, polypropylene, blue filament 3/8 c or 1/2 c, rb/tp, da 90 cm sz 5/0, 17mm needle, 3/0 coated polyglactine 910 free tie (12x30 in), abdominal binder size extra large, abdominal binder size large, abdominal binder medium, asepto syringe, breast prosthesis external silicone, tear drop shaped with under arm extension in light weight variant assorted sizes, with two bras having two pouches each, cautary pad ( rem polyhesive adult patient return electrode), bipolar cautery cord compatible with valley lab bipolar forceps and ft 10 generator (e 0512, cord 3.6m/12ft)., cautery tip scratch pad self adhesive, closed suction drain set 14 fr., colostomy irrigation set, customised head & neck surgery pack - contains : usfda approved sterile split drape with self adhesive tape size :175 cm x 300 cm & split : 10 cm x 100 cm, 4 integrated tube hol0rs & reinforcemed attached instrument and tubing bags, 1 - sterile utility drape with tape strip, 75 x 75 cm and 1 sterile head drape size : 125cm x 90cm with turban of 75cm x 50cm and 2 zone reinforced back table cover sterile, trolley covers- 2 large and 1 medium. (acceptable make : snn/ teleflex/ kimberly-clark/ halyard/ covidien/ surgiwear/ dispocraft), dcgi, usfda & ce certified npwt canister 500 ml with gel, dermimarker pen, eye shield, fog free surgical mask with tecnol loncet layer & so soft lining , astm f2100-11 level 3, usfda approved (acceptable make : snn/teleflix/kimberly / clark / jnj/ halyard/ bard ) box of 50, feeding tube attachment device with skin barrier and clamp, fentanyl 50mcg transdermal patch., freka double lumen nasojejunal tube with feeding connnector, heister jaw opener (mechanical jaw opening 0vice with pad0d jaws and rust proof coating), horizontal tube attachment device with skin barrier and clamp ( v tad), jackson pratt soft drain, mayo trolly cover sterile, waterproof 100x120 cm, multi-enzyme cleaner for surgical instruments (protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase) with rust and scale inhibitors and shine protectors, single unit colostomy bags transparent 50 mm, polymer ligating clips (cartridge of 06 clips) size 3mm-10mm (green), skin staples (35 staples per unit), spray for lubrication of instruments, spring loaded disposable core biopsy gun 14g 16 cm long (standard green co0), sterile, two firing buttons, dgci approved, spring loaded disposable core biopsy gun 16g 16 cm long (standard code purple/blue) sterile, two firing buttons, dgci approved, super oxidized hydrogel with neutral ph containing: hypochlorous acid, sodium hypochlorite (1 piece 120gm), surgical skin preparing antiseptic solution with uniquely formulated chlorhexidine gluconate ip 10% v/v (equivalent to 2% w/v chlorhexidine gluconate) & isopropyl alcohol ip 70% v/v having broad spectrum antimicrobial (bacterial, sporicidal, fungicidal, v, surgicel size 1"x 2"
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Telangana Tenders Ref.No 51886651
Closing Date 25 - Aug - 2022  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Sodium hypochlorite solution
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 51269473
Closing Date 24 - Aug - 2022  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of laboratory equipments bio-chemistry, specification & packing size, acid phosphatase estimation kit, alkaline phosphatase estimation kit, multi assay human sera based chemistry calibrators for laboratory q.c., amylase-alpha estimation kit, albumin estimation kit, bilirubin total & direct estimation kit, cholesterol total estimation kit, c. k. - nac (creatine kinase - nac ) estimation kit, calcium estimation kit, sgot / ast aspartate transaminase estimation kit, creatinine estimation kit, glucose - hexokinase estimation kit, glucose - god / pap estimation kit, fructosamine estimation kit, direct hdl -cholesterol estimation kit, inorganic phosphorous estimation kit, iron (total) estimation kit, lipase estimation kit, p.s.a. (prostate specific antigen) estimation kit, triglyceride estimation kit, serum - t 3 estimation kit, total protein estimation kit, uric acid estimation kit, urea estimation kit, micro-albumin ( micro-protein ) in csf / serum estimation kit, magnesium estimation kit, copper estimation kit, ammonia estimation kit, pancreatic alpha amylase estimation kit, cholinesterase estimation kit, ldh lactate dehydrogenase estimation kit, igg. immunoglobulin g estimation kit, gamma - g. t. gamma glutamyl transferase. estimation kit, g6 pdh estimation kit (quantitative), serum cystatin -c estimation kit, multi assay human sera based lipid controls kit for laboratory q.c., ck-mb control set kit, urea nitrogen estimation kit, lactate estimation kit, zinc estimation kit, calcium - cpc estimation kit, g-6pd estimation kit (qualitative), external quality control scheme(eqa)(immunoassay ), hdl & ldl cholesterol calibrator, serum glucose estimation god-pod kit, serum bilirubin estimation kit, polystyrene 5 ml tubes, aliquottes / micro tubes, micropipette tips, plastic rack for test-tubes, micropipette stand with tips holder, disposable pipettes, sample cups 1.5 ml in polystyrene, plastic sample cups, sample cups polystyrene for avl - 9180 ise analyzer, eppendrof cups, bilirubin direct kit for xl 640 autoanalyzer, bilirubin total kit for xl 640 autoanalyzer, alanine transaminase (alt) kit for xl640 autoanalyzer, aspartate transaminase (ast) kit for xl640 autoanalyzer, snap pack for electrolyte analysis, marker pens for test tubes marking, tissue paper roll, acetone powder -(for rothera test), ammonium sulphate, acid hydrochloric, thymol crystals, benedict qualitative solution, benzoic acid, sulphosalicylic acid, chloroform, d - xylose powder, di-sodium hydrogen phosphate., double distilled & deionized electrolyte free water, formaldehyde, flow-cell cleaning solution, triton x 100, sodium hypochlorite, o-toludine, o-phosphoric acid, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium oxalate, picric acid, pottassium chromate, potassium dichromate, sodium sulphate, sodium chloride anhydrous, sodium nitropruside, sodium tungstate, sodium nitrite ar / gr, di-sodium edta, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, thiourea, methanol, acid sulphanilic, para - bromo aniline, di.nitro phenyl hydrazine, sodium potassium tartrate, iso propyl alcohol, 10 % naocl solution, deionized / demineralized water, cleaning solution for cuvettes., sodium benzoate, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sodium nitrite powder, sulphanilic acid powder, methenol, ferric chloride powder, p-nitroaniline, sodium nitrate, sodium acetate trihydrate, acetone, autoclave - vertical, fully automatic, autoclave double drum vertical (non microprocessor), battery for ups, battery for ups, centrifuge, centrifuge - 16 tubes, deep freezer (-40oc), electronic weighing machine, hot air oven, incubator - (non-microprocessor), incubator - stainless steel(microprocessor and digital display), laboratory centrifuge, micropipette - fixed volume, micropipette - single channel, variable volume, 0.1-2.5microlitre, pipette stand, refrigerator - double door, frost free, semi auto analyzer, semi clinical chemistry analyzer, spectro photo meter, spectrophotometer, steel trolley, tachometer, tachometer- digital- non contact type- calibrated & etc.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 3.95 Lakh approx.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 51907920
Closing Date 23 - Aug - 2022  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of sodium hypochlorite solution.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 51853648
Closing Date 22 - Aug - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
#*. Supply of pesticide medicine & cleaning equipment. #*. Supply of electric item. #*. Labour work for building & cc rod. #*. Supply of building material. #*. Supply of chinai pipe, fitting materials, rcc manhole cover. #*. Supply of carbon steel rod. #*. Rewinding of sludge pump & repairing of electric panel board. #*. Supply of pvc, gi pipe fitting. #*. Maintenance of pumping machinery & valve. #*. Repair of water pipe line. #*. Rewinding & repair of monoblock & submersible motor pump. #*. Supply of ci fitting materials. #*. Motor rewinding, panel board repair of pump. #*. Work of water pipeline, gutter line & rising of manhole. #*. Supply of stationery. #*. Printing of books. #*. Mandap decoration, light decoration & sound system service. #*. Supply of sodium hypochloride for water chlorination, ferric alum for water purification & gas. #*. Cleaning work of manhole & drainage line by mechanical equipment. #Gujarati
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 51905763
Closing Date 22 - Aug - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supplying sodium hypochlorite solution, chlorine gas and ferric alum (fatakadi) with maintanance year 2022-23 nagar seva sadan, dist :- kheda.
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