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Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 46049450
Closing Date 30 - Sep - 2022  |  45 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ration items, sewwes and bakery items. #*. maintenance of computer and other items desktop computer, cctv camera, laptop, , networking (lan), photo copier, laser printer, pen drive, ccvt camera, web camera, cartridge, caridge refilling. #*. building construction materials white washing of building (including supply of all material, labor etc.), one coated (, distempering (including supply of all material, labor etc.) oil bond distemper, apex painting (including supply of all material and labour), enamel painting, painting of railing pipes 100 dia (including supply of all material), painting of railing pipes 80 dia, finishing wall with superior quality water proof cement, paint/samosam of approved make and quality with two coats to give even shade including preparing surface, roof paint including all materials and labour, red oxide including all materials and labour, windows glass 4 mm including material and labour, glass plain, cement. #*. supply of tshirt,jersy, shocks, tie belt, track suit and blazer. #*. supply of sports items volleyball, volly ball net, basket ball, basket ball net, , volly ball pole, hand ball, foot ball, hand ball pole, hand ball net, hand ball player kit, foot ball stud(shoes), foot ball socks(full, size), foot ball keeper gloves, knee cap(foot ball) wrist band badminton shuttle cock, , badminton net, hockey sticks, hockey goal keeper, kit, hockey net, sin guard hockey, sin guard football, hockey shoes(stud), hockey sports kit, football player kit, hockey kit bag, hockey traf ball, cricket bat, cricket stump, track suit, sports kits javlion, football net, hockey socks. #*. supply of beddng items, mattress,bead sheet, towel , pillow, blanket, mosquit net. #*. supply of furits and vegetable. #*. supply of shoes & slippers . #*. sticthing of uniform. #*. supply of stationery items long note book, long note book (with school name and, logo pringing), practical note book - physics, chem,, bio, geo., comp., general science, maths, chart paper, water colour, drawing pin (thumb pin), gum bottle, ball pen / pilot pen, refills, duster, pencil, white board marker, white board marker ink, white board duster, chalk box, scales, scales, rubber, sharpner, geometery box complete, graph note book (32 pages, without cover, drawing copy, drawing copy, school bags, sketch pen, main answer sheet, supplementary, answer sheets, outline maps india, thread roll, plastic rassi gola, rubber band, color chart paper, assignment sheet register with jild, photostat paper rim, colored paper rim file cover with double hole, file cover with double hole, fevicol, cello tape, packing tape, stamp pad, allpin, stapler pin, stapler pin, stapler, gum bottle, tags, tags, correction pen white fluid, Calculator, envelope plastic laminated, permanent market (black/red/blue) fevi stick. #*. supply of daily use items broom, tooth paste, shoe polish liquid, mosquito coil, harpic, sanitary napkin, soap, toilet cleaner, phenyl, hair oil, tooth brush, viper.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 52195142
Closing Date 09 - Sep - 2022  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Outline Trade Proc Plan (otpp) for the Fy 2022-23, Bins Steel Portable, Blower Portable Elect, 240v Ac 60, 8 Ton Hydraulic Jack, with Handle and Spa, Pump Tyre Foot Car Type , Lever Tyre Car Or Truck , Extractor Pully Rivet, Motor Cycle Chain, Funnel Fuel Carriage, Pattern, Packing Preformed Ring , Packing 55mm Dia , Hose Rubber Black, Oxygen 10mtr Pad for, Washer Bearing, Strap Carrying, Tools Screw Cutting, Chasers M/c Inside B, Tools Screw Cutting, Chasers M/c Inside, Tools Screw Cutting, Chasers Head B.s.w O, Leather Gauntlep for , Welder 400 Mm , Brush Welders , Lighter Spark with 12 , Spare Flints , Clip Hose Worm Driven , Saw Raciprocating, Portable Electoric 230, Wrench Impact Electric, 230vac Single Pha, Tools Screw Cutting, Chasers M/c Inside B, Lug Suspension Hoisting, Beam(lug Lifting, Tools Screw Cutting, Chasers M/c Metric 1, Drill Electeric Portable , Med Duty 10mm 2 , Tools Screw Cutting, Chasers M/c Inside B, Tool Turning Tungsten, Carbide Tipped Par, Drilling Bench Modal Md, 20mm 220vac, Welding Machine Arc, Cans Drip 127mm Dia, Lathe Cutting, Cleaning Gun Water, (high Pressure Jet An, Plants Welding Elect, Arc Diesel Eng Driv, Spray Gun, Meters Exhaust Gas, Portable Battery Mode, Switch Box Miles, Steel(iwc-trc-xvi-1), Cutting Trammed Torch, Set., Tools Turning Tungsten, Carbide Tipped Fo, Cleaner Valve Guide No-, 1091, Hose Rubber Black-, 8-mm-, Maker No-65021, Plants Vulcanising 110, V.d.c., Bushing Sleeve for, Armaturc Excitor, Heads Cutter Universal, Adjustable 8" to, Bolt Machine Hex Hd, M10x45 (iwc-0318), Screw Socket Head, M6x28mm (iwc-tcr-xiii/, Screen Chipping with, Clear Glasses 108mm, Milling Machine , Horizental Universal H/d , Holder Electrical 400a, Knob Knurled Special, (iwc-tcr-xiv-28), Respirators Painters, Hexagonal Bolts 8 X 25, Ht, Adaptors Tubing From, 6.35mm to 9. 35 Mm, Coupling Hose Suitable, for 8mm Welding R, Bags Dust 27-1/2-inx15-in-, C/w-zip-fasten, Nozzle 250mm Long, Cleaner and Tester, Screen Welding Head, Tip Welding Torch Size 30, Torch Outfit Cutting, and Welding Oxyacet, Tip Welding Torch Size 6, Plant Washing Veh 2 Gun, 220v, Single Pha, Tip Size No 70, Tip Size No-55, Brushes Carbon, 25mmx19mmx45mm Grade, Cmg, Welding Machine Ark, 35kva Lt Duty 230, Wheels Grinding Plain 18-, in Dia X3-in, Table Marking Off Type 6, Feet X 4 Feet, Cable Welding Flexible, 400amps, Screen Fireplace Screen, Welding Hand Fib, Face Plate Lathe- 300-mm-, Dia, Chuck Drill Plate, Switch 3 Way, Lamp Glow, Nozzele Burner , Auto Electrical Test, Bench (lischok), Co`s Chair, Scientific Calculator, Belt Vee Endless, Industrial A-56 Top Wid, Analyser Set Engine 230, Vac Single Phas, Cutters Milling Key Slot, Wood19.5mm Disx, Spanner Nozzle , Key Outfit , Key Spindle , Torches Hand Electric , Tubular Brass Chro , Benches Truck Portable, 2150mm X 750 Mm X, Wheel Abrasive Plain, Shape a 200x25x16mm, Apparatus Can Testing, and Gas Freeing, Paste Ullage 56.70 Gms (2, Oz) a Tube, Brg Ball Jnl Single Row, with One Seal 35, Socket Taper Shank, Tool Extention Socket, Brg Ball Journal Single, Row (45x75x16), Brg Ball Jnl Single Row, 30x62x16, Brg Ball Jnl Single Row, with Snaqp Ring, Brg Ball Jnl Single Row, with Two Seals, Ball, Chuck Drill Machine with, Key Type H 10mm, Bench Trailer Portable, 914 Mm (36in) L, Box Metal Weld Blow, Pipe Sit, Bearing (09262m28020), Cabinet Storage Lh, Cabinet Storage Rh, Benches Truck 2578mm Lg-, 635mmx838.2mm Hi, Lamp Holder Bc Metal, Cased 250v, Sticks Brass for 200lts, Barrel, Belt Vee Endless, Industrial A-43 Top Wid, Bal Brg Jnl Single Row, 6.35mm X19.050mmx, Main Shaft Ball Bearing, Cutter Milling Parallel, Shank Rh Cutting, Cutter Milling End, Parallel Shank Rhcutt, Board Switch Main for, Switches/sockes La, Lader Veh Boarding, 1350mm Lg-x580mm Wide, Stool (brg No V-342-7545-, 0102), Cage Suction Valve, Stool Workshop 279.4mm, (11 In) Long-x254, Balance Soring, 0.10kg.660mm Dia Dial, Lamp Roof Complete, Brg Ball Jnl Sgl Row, 9mmx26mmx8mm, Brg Ball Jnl Sgl Row, 8mmx22mmx7mm, Brg Ball Jnl Sgl Row, 30mmx55mmx13mm, Brush Cleaning, Oil Filter (fuel Flow, with Filter Elemen, Brg Ball Journal Single, Row 15x35x11mm, Nipple Grease Button, Head 1/4bsp, Nipplegrease Button, Head 1/8" Bsp X 9mm, Nipple Grease C0nical, Head Angled 1/8 Bs, Jointing Compound, Ferotex 71b Tin Flesh-, Pliers Circlips Internal, Straight Over 7, Clip Hose Clip Strip, Bearing Ball Journal, Single Row 65mmx140, Black Out Head Lamp, Without Bulb, Lamp Filament, Bulb Holder, Brg Ball Jnl Sgl Row, 30mmx55mmx9mm, Brg Ball Jnl Self, Allgning D/row 25x52x1, Brg Roller Jnl, 90x160x30mm, Brg Ball Journal Single, Row 17mmx40mm12m, Knuckle and Arm Strg, Left(805783).
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 52016294
Closing Date 05 - Sep - 2022  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Calculator , display standees , flip chart holder , bar code scanner , ladder , coupons and vouchers , danglers , rack , gondola , mannequins , pedal dustbin , fire alarm , flip chart with stand , iron clothing press , mop , shopping cart , bar code printer , gift wrapping paper to gift wrap dummy products , dummy stock transfer notes invoice , sample stock delivery note challan , carry bags of different dimensions , offers policy signage , banners posters , pos display led lightbox , dummy products products with ad on accessories such as mobile handsets with ear phones etc with barcode specifications price tags , stock almirah , shopping basket boq title vocational lab for retail
Qty : 1824

Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 52146915
Closing Date 31 - Aug - 2022  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ball pen lexi blue black red , gel pen uniball blue black red green , ohp marker , permanent marker , stamp pad big , paper arrow flag tricolour , plastic quoted box folder , cello tape 1 , lamination sheet a4 , double sided tape , pencil 2b apsara , sharpner , paper cutter , photo paper , brown paper sheet laminated , eraser dust free , sketch pen set , poker , Calculator orpat citizen , plastic sheet roll l 50 mtrs b 60 cms , plastic leaf folder , l folder , plastic sheet folder , signature folder , scissor , packing tape , stapler small , stapler pin small , stapler big , double punch , gum bottle 150 ml , scale steel , sealing wax pkt , register 2 qr , register 4 qr , register 6 qr boq title stationery
Qty : 588

Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 52009206
Closing Date 29 - Aug - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of different stationary items under tripura fire and emergency services during the year 2022-23, al – pin (grip-‘t’ pin), standard size, add. gel pen (black & blue) achiever, add. gel pen refill gr-20 (black & blue) achiever, bucket (pl bucket plastic) rfl 15 lts., broom flower plastic coated handle , battery (pencil) nippo (gold) / eveready aa size, battery (remote) nippo (gold) / eveready aaa, brother printer cartridge model no. dr-263cl- bk (set) , cannon lbp-2900 b cartridge lbp-2900 b (black) , cup & plate lopola 6 pcs. (set) lopola, cello tape white, 1-inch, 20 mtrs. , cello tape white, 2-inch, 20 mtrs. , cotton waste (jute) best quality , computer mouse dell/hp, computer key board dell/hp, calling bell (table) sharp, cordless calling bell, cona, correction pen camel, colin, best quality , 200ml , car perfume odonil, class mate khata, roll / white, size no.20 , copper wire (1.0 mm), coil finolex /havells, copper wire (1.5mm), coil finolex /havells, copper wire (2.5mm), coil finolex /havells, ceiling fan havells/ usha, ceiling light 18watt (round), 4-engle, philips/crompton, chair cushion (16 x 16) inch korlon, Calculator, orpat, coconut broom , eraser , door screen best quality , drinking water glass, borosil / milton, dak-pad, best quality , d.o. letter pad , 100-page (size- a4 ) , dettol, (500 ml) , electric switch, 6 amp/ 16 amp, modular, electric socket, 5-pin, modular, electric board (8”x12”) & (6”x8”) modular, fevi gum 100ml. lime / primer,, file cover , 14 x 10 inch, (sample basis, dfes store) , file board, 14 x 10 inch, (sample basis, dfes store) , guard file, best quality , glass lid, good quality , good night re-fill with machine, all-out/ good night, hit mosquito good quality spray, harpic, 500ml, per bottle. , hp toner cartridge model no.137a hp, hp laser jet p1102w cartridge hp, hp laser jet p1108 cartridge hp, hp laser jet p1107 cartridge hp, hp laser jet pro mfp m 126 nw cartridge hp, hp laser jet m 1136 mfp cartridge hp, hp 678 cartridge hp, high lighter , (20 punch of 50 pies zebra, jams clip (plastic cover) , lock & key, 6 –leaver, (godraj/ link), lock & key, 7 –leaver, (godraj/ link), lyzal, floral, 10x, 500 ml , marker pen-cd (black, blue & red) camlin /artline , marker pen (black,) 2m/m camlin /artline , note pad , odonil (natural) best perfume , one time pen, (black, blue & red ) agni 20/20, polishing cloth big (duster) , plastic stick (big) , plastic stick (small) , plastic folder size- fs,20pcs each pkt. , pen stand (4 pen holder) , pen stand (2 pen holder) , punching machine single hole kangaro, phenyl 500ml.- doctor clean., pad ink, 50ml, camel, paper weight , pan drive, -16 gb sony usb 3.00 & above, pencil cutter , pen pot round (best quality) , plastic folder (l. folder) 14 x 10 inch , plastic mug, medium , re-stick (paper flags) four color, size-25mm x 75mm, 50 sheet, best quality , re-stick (paper flags), size-3” x 2”, 50 sheet , re-stick (paper flags), size-3” x 3”, 50 sheet , room freshener sprays 160g. (odonil) , rubber stamp, computer line , rubber stamp, computer round seal , sharp toner cartridge model no. sharp -235 at sharp, stapler pin, kangaro (24/6 ) kangaro, stapler machine-24/6 (kangaro hp-45) kangaro, stand fan havel / usha havel / usha, short hand note book, (200 pages) rajdoot, sketch pen (different color) , stamp pad size-126 x 77mm) artline / camel,, suzan (best quality) still made steel handle std. size 8-inch , scissor , spider stick , table cover , tag (best quality) , towel (big size), bombay dyeing,, standard size , towel small (hand) bombay dyeing, standard size , tube light (led) 20 wt. philips/ havel,, toilet brush , table glass size 5mm per sq. ft. , transparency film, a4 size oddy, 100 sheets , vim bar soap, 160 gm (current mfg.) , wooden pencil (color), apsara (2hb) 10 x 1 , wooden pencil, apsara ordinary (2hb) 10 x 1 , washing soap, lifebuoy -55gm (current mfg.) , writing pad (ordinary) best quality (9” x 6”) 50 pages. , waste paper for basket, best quality , white / roll register strong cover, size per no. , wall clock, ajanta , xerox paper a4 size (21.0 x 29.7), j. k. copier, 75 gsm.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 52117910
Closing Date 29 - Aug - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of stationary and printing press material, photocopy a4 size paper, photocopy a3 size paper, multicolour 8.5x11 inch size 120 gsm maplitho, register cover design printed, facillity follow up book multicolour cover, file folder cover multicolour, single colour card, treatment continuation sheet & clinical condition record sheet font & back printing, printing single colour page, printing 2 colour page, printing multicolour colour page, book single colour, ipd & other register printed, printing two colour card both side, printing card/sheet 4 pages 4 colour, printing single colour card both side, basic rubber stamp rectangular, rubber stamp round, cartridge refill photocopier machine, cartridge refilling printer, printer cartridge drum, meeting file folder plastic, cartridge toner, cartridge new disposable , computer paper rim, plastic scale 12 inch, stainless steel scale 12 inch, paper pin (alpin), permanent marker hd colour, stamp pad, stamp pad ink, kangaro stapler machine, stapler pin, gum paste, kangaro punch machine, natraj pencil, staff attendance register, treasury mptc bill register printed, accounting treasury cash book, office file cover, card board 4 flap file folder with 4 binding cloth, ring file, card board index box file , spring file, pencil sharpner, pencil eraser, paper cutter, high lighter pen colour, medicine slip, casio mj-12 d 150 steps check & correct Calculator, orpar ot -512 gt Calculator, laminated paper a3 size envelope, laminated paper a4 size envelope, laminated paper cheque size envelope, puttha register, carbon kores size 210x300 mm 100 sheets pack, fevistick, fevicol, register, coloured flag pack, silk tag standard 100 piece bunch, file lash silk standard white/ green 100 piece bunch, cello tape white/ brown, alpin dispenser, suja with plastic handle, vehicle log book printed, peon book, cash book double entry 100 page, wall clock ajanta, peshi pad, account book register, scissor with plastic hand for paper cutting , whitener pen, flax banner multicoloured , sticker a4 size printed, sun board 4 mm, sun board 6 mm, vinyl sheet with printing, flex/ banner with iron beeding, flex/ banner with wooden beeding, wall painting, slogan writing, glow shine board complete fitting, floor sticker , sticker with uv reflector, multicolour pamplets a4 size, radium word size 6 inch.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value Rs. 7 Lakh
Location Madhya Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 52195701
Closing Date 29 - Aug - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of stationery file cover, file pad, stamp pad, stapler pin, glue stick, register, high lighter, marker pen, gum bottle, stapler, a5 size paper rim, carbon, punching machine, Calculator, bags, flag sticker, log book, spring file, u pin etc.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 52035850
Closing Date 27 - Aug - 2022  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of office stationery items, notebook, copier xerox paper, chart paper, ball pen, gel pen, pencil dark, sharpener, scale 30cms glass, plastic button file, lever arch file, fly leaf file with cloth patti inside, cobra clip files hard cover, cover file, cotton tag, stapler, stapler pin, white board marker pen, cd ohp marker, sketch pen, chisel marker, highlighter pen, permanent marker bold, wiring pad, staff attendance register printed, stock book register, cash book, fevicol mr, glue stick, both side mounting tape, tape, Calculator, binder clip, tin steel, paper pin, envelope, stamp pad, ink, punching machine, scissors, white board duster, notice board, sticky note pad, paper weight, sutli gola, cartridge, etc.
Sector Other Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 18.18 Thousand approx.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 52059557
Closing Date 27 - Aug - 2022  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of spring file (q3) , box file (q4) , eraser (q4) , wooden pencil as per is:1375 (q4) , manual pencil sharpener (q3) , gum (paper adhesives, liquid gum and office paste type)-is 2257 (q4) , marking pen- permanent, highlighter (q4) , stapler (q4) , stapler pin (q4) , correction pens- white fluid as per is:11992 (q4) , markers- white board (q4) , plastic scale (q4) , paper or eyelet punches (q4) , desktop Calculator-electronics (q4) , call bell (q3) , stamp pads (q4) , pins or tacks as per is: 5653 (q4) , plastic folder with printing (q4) , self adhesive flags (q4) , paper weights (q4) , knife blades (q4) , diaries-printed-plain- register--is 1848 (q4) , transparent tape as per is 13262 (version 2.0) (q4) , adhesive tape spindles-is 13262 (q3) , whiteboard erasers and dusters (q3) , scissors (q4)
Qty : 686

Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam Tenders Ref.No 52008693
Closing Date 26 - Aug - 2022  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of miscellaneous stationery items, hygiene items, utensils, hardware items, computer accessories, attendance register, alpine, arch lever file, battery, bill folder, binder clip, binding register, box file, Calculator, calling bell, carbon paper, cash book, cello tape, cling wrap, colour chat, colour paper, cotton tag, crayons, crepe paper roll, dak pad, dispatch register, double punch machine, envelope, eraser, fabric colour, fevicol, file board, flag, flat file, flip chart, fluorescent paper, geometry box, glitter, glitter foam sheet, globe, glue stick bottle, hard board, highlighter pen, james clips, label sticker, ledger book, marker pen, note pad, note sheet, paper, paper cutter, paper cutter knife, pen, pencil, pencil battery, photo paper, plastic folder, political map, ribbons for gift wrap, rubber band, scale, scissors, section diary, sharpener, single punch machine, sketch pen, staple gun, stapler machine, stapler pin, stick file, stock register, thermal bill roll, thumb pin, transparent tape, white board duster, white board with stand, white chart paper, wrapping paper, acetone (chemical) air diffuser (freshener), air pocket, ala, ammonia, ammyle acetone, bathroom scrubber, bathroom scrubber brush, bathroom wiper, blue tack, brass brass / matel polish, citronella, colin, cotton roll, detergent, dust control mop, dust pan, electronic mosquito machine, floor dry mop, garbage bags, garbage bags, gloves surgical, glycerine, hand wash liquid, harpic, hit spray, ir thermometer, leather / vinyl polish, mask, micro fibre duster, mosquito coil, mosquito refill, nepheline balls, odonil, oximeter, phenyl, air diffuser, room freshener, sanitizer, silvo matel polish, soap, surgical mask, taski r, tiles cleaner, vim bar soap, vinegar, waste paper dustbin, wood polish, york floor cleaning, aam panna, amul chocozoo, amul rejoice assorted chocolates, angustura, apple juice, assam tea, baskerville, black olives, blue curacao, bourbon, bournville, britannia bourbon, britannia cake, britannia gobbles fruit cake, britannia good day biscuit, britannia nutri choice digestive high fibre biscuits, butter, butter cookies, camomile tea, chat masala, cheese, cherry, chilli flakes, chilli sauce, choco chip cookie, chocolate syrup, coconut milk, coffee, coke, cold drinks, cookies, corriander leaves, cranberry juice, cream, ctc tea bag, ctc tea leaf, dairy milk, darjeeling tea, dark chocolate, dates, demerara sugar, diet coke, dry fresh kaju, earl grey tea, energy drink, fanta, ferrero rocher, five star, funfill rich chocolate, good day biscuits, green apple, gree olives, green tea, haldiram alu bhujia, honey, horlicks biscuit, horse radish sauce, hp sauce ice cream, ice cream, jam, jasmine, kaju katli, kiwi flavoured, kuch kuch mixure, little hearts, mango juice, marie biscuit, marie gold biscuit, marmalade, mayonnaise, milano cookies, milk, milk powder, mojito mint flavouring, mustard oil, nice time biscuit, orange crush, orange juice, oregano, oreo, pineapple juice, respberry flavouring, roasted and salted pistachios, roasted cashew nut packets, salt, soda, soya sauce, sprite, strawberry, sugar, sugar cube, tartar sauce, tea ctc, tobasco sauce, tomato ketchup bottle, unibic, vinegar, wall nut, watermelon, white sugar sachet, worchesshire sauce, broomstick, door closer, door mate, gi pipe, glass wiper, lock and key, looking mirror, measuring tape metal, paint brush, plastic bucket, plastic mug, steel almira, steel bowl, water filter, american try, angles wing wine opener, bar floor mat, bath towels, bottle opener, bowl, box, bud vase, buffet serving ladle, butter knife, cloth duster, cocktail straws, coffee mug, bundle coil, coloured stones, cork, cruet set, cup plate, cutter spoon, disposable tea cup, doily paper, drinking water glass, electronic cattle, face towels, flask, funnel, half plate, hand towel, juggling bottle, kitchen order ticket, knife, lint free cloth, liquid shoe polish, marbel paper, mesh strainer, monkey bowl, m seal, multipurpose tool kit, non stick frying pan, pepper miller, place mats, plastic tray, quarter plate, rice dish, rice spoon, rongoli, room service trolley, service spoon, shoe brush, snacks platter, soup taurine ladel, spray paint, storage box container, tall flower vas cylindrical, tea pot, tea spoon, tissue paper, tongs, wine cradne, wine decanter, astringent, body talcum powder, bowl, base coat, skirting clothes, body scrub, blusher, bob pins, cleansing lotion, cotton roll, cutical cream, clay pakc, cling film, surgical face mask, disposable bed sheets, disposable undergarment, disposable slippers, diffuser lamp, diffuser oil, diffuser oil, dustbin, eyeborw p-encil, eye lash curler, eye lashes, facial scrub, face massage cream, face massage gel, fruit face pack, face pack powder, face pack cream based, face pack brush, facial gown, gauge, glow pack, gel eyeliner, hand sanitiser, hand wash, hand gloves, hydrogen peroxide, hand and foot scrub, hot wax, head bands, hair spray, hair mous
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