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Product Detail : Supply of Equipment - Abdominal Retractor eacfi , AC 2 ton 5star with each , Adson Tooth Forcep Export Quality each , Adson Tooth Forcep Export Quality plain each , Adson Plain Forceps each , Adson Tooth Forceps each , Alleys forcep 6"8" 12" , Allies Tissue forcep SS 4" Export Qual ily each , A flies Tissue Forcep SS 6" Export Quality each , Allies Tissue Forcep SS 8" Export Quality , AMBU bag adult Silicon type , AMBU bag Pediatrics Silicon type , Ambu Bag Neonatal , Anterior vaginal wall retraclor , Arm Board Adult , Arm Board Child , Artery Forcep curved , Artety Forcep Curved 6" Export Quality , Artery Forcep Curved 8" Export Quality , Artery Forcep mosquito curved 5".6, 12" , Artery Porcep mosquito Straight 5", 6, 12” , Artery Forcep Straight ó" Export Çluality , Artery Forcep Straight 8" Export QualiÇ , Artery Forceps Straíght , Artery Forceps Straight Small size masquiteo , Artery Forceps Curved Small size masquiteo , Artery Forceps , Attendants Cots , Autoclave Mach ine small , Allies Medium , Allies Small , Allies Forcep (2 teeth) |lP , Anuel speculum block set , B.P cuff for moniter adult , B.P cuff for moniter paedia , B. P Instrument dail type (ISI Certified) , B.P. Appratus Digital , B.P. Appratus Manual , B.P. Appratus Digital Amron /Citizen , B.P. hand le A11 size 3 & 4 No. , B.P. handle All size 3 & 4 No. K i bnv Panern , Babcock forceps curved 6"7" , Babcock forceps straight 6"7"8, 1 2" , BABY CRADEL , Baby tharmoscope , Baby Tray SS 1 8x 1 2x3 I P , Banacclto utility forceps, Bandage cutting scissor small size, Bandage cutting scissor (Tailor Scissor) big size, Barraquer needle holder short, Bayers scissor straight 8" (ISO), Bed pan M/F (SS) Joint less (ISO), Bed pan with cover M/F (Plastic), Bed pan with cover M/F (EI), Bed side locker 16x l4x32 (SS top), Bed side screen 3 fold with curtain, Bed side screen 4 fold with curtain, Beer cilia forceps, Big blower for labour room, Big bowl with Stand, Basin Stand, Basin Midium, Bishop hamon Tissue forceps , delicate 0.8 mm, Bone curate all size, Boyal aparatus major with 4 cylinder, B P Apratus 300 mm dial type ISI DIAMOND Brand, BP Apratus murcurable (300 mm lead), BP Apratus murcurable (300 mm lead) DI AMOND, BP Apratus stand model 300 mm (ISI Mark), Bulb for B.P. operator, Bulb for shadow less lamp halogen, B.P Machine Withh Pediartic Cuff Size, Baby Wait Machine Electronic, Brain Circuit Adult, Brain Circuit Paedia, Brain Circuit Mask (0 to 5), BP Cuff Paedia, BP Cuff Aduit, BP Instrument, Bulldog clamp curved, BP Handle 3, BP Handle, Blackosly nasal forcep straight and 45 degree, Back bitting forcep, B.P. Appratus, C — Retracters small, Capsulorexis Forcep (titenium), Castroviei o comeoscleral scissors, Castroviejo comeoscleral seissors sinall blade , , Castroviejo comeoscleral scissors small blade , left, Castroviejo comeoscleral scissors small blade , right2, Cats paw forceps 10", Cautery Ivlachine lead, Cockers Forceps 3" SS, Colibri Forceps I x 2 teeth 0.12 mm, Col ibri Forceps 1x 2 teetho 0.12 mm, Comeal scissors (titenium), C-Retractes medium, Cusco's Specutam large, Cusco’s Speculam medium, Cusco's Speculam small, Cutting scissor Medium, Chittile Forcep, Cats pauo retractor, C - Retracters Big, "Ciscalor cup forcep (Alligalor glasping I .5 mm length 35, cm)", Crush Catt trolly, Curb Artery Forceps, Central Line, Curb Scissor, D & C SET, D& C Set Cannula no 4 to 12, Delivery Instruinet Trolly, Desmarres chalazion forceps l2min/20 mm dia, Desmartes chalazion forceps l2mm/20 mm dia, Digital Paediatric Weight machine, Direct ophthalinosope, , Dissecting forceps plain 5.6, 8, 10, Dissecting forceps toothed 5, 6, 8.8, 10, Dressing forcep 8", Dressing forcep 4", Dressing forcep 6”, Dressing forcep toothed 6" SS, Dressing Scissor curved 6".7" 8" SS, Dressing Scissor straight 6" 7"8" SS, Dressing Table with trolly S.S (lS I Certified ), Dressing Trolly With wheel SS, Duel Flow Meter, Deavor retractor, Drill Machine with K wire, Digital LCD Tourniquet System, Drill Machine Set battary oprated cord 1 2 Volt, ECG Lead, Electical plaster cutting saw, "Electric Sterilizer s.s with immerision rod salty pin & 3, core flexible cable 16”*8’’*6”", "Electric Sterilizer SS with irnmerision rod safty pin & 3, core flexible cable 12”*8”*6”", Elshnig fixation forceps, Endo block, Enucleation scissors straight, Episotomy scissor SS 7"8", Episotomy scissor SS 7"8" line Point, Examination Gloves Sterile 100 pcs. box, "Examination Table 2/3 fold SS top U cut with foam, metrs. Dlx", Examination Table 3 fold Epoxy Coated, Eztracion Forcep, Extraction Forcep, Eye Dressing forceps curved, Eye scissor , curved 4.5" length, Eye scissor curved 4/ I -2 ;;, Endo Sco y biopsy forcep, Eye Dressing forceps, Eye scissor 4.5" length, Ecophago scope (size8* l2mm 30cm Length), Ecophago scope (Suclon mm dia of hip in mm), "Ecophago scope forcep (Alligalor glasping forceps, 1.5mm length 35em)", "Esophagoscope light cassier (for ecophagoscope size, 8* 12, 6*8 mm", ECG Machine
Tender Location : Chhattisgarh - India
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Tender EMD : INR 100000
Tender Document Fees : INR 2000
Tender Closing Date : 27/06/2023 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 27/06/2023 at 00:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Health Services/Equipments - Non-financial Services   
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