Ref. No. : 50679193   
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Product Detail : Supply of X-ray reagents and lab reagents, JSSK reagents – X-ray reagents – lad glass, lad sheet (rubber base), lad number A to Z, lad number 0 to 9, digital Xray film 10*12 (fuji film), digital Xray film 8*10 (fuji film), film dental (codak/ec speed), developer, fixer, lab reagents – N/10 HCL, slide, ESR fluid, CBC fluid (mini dail-LMG) (norma icon)*, CBC fluid lysebio norma icon*, CBC fluid cleaner norma icon*, CBC printing rooll, auto analizayr rooll, virdict kit, blood seera anti A, blood seera anti B, blood seera anti D, blood urea kit (ERBA/ACURX), se.billirabin kit (erba/acurx), SGOT kit (erba/acurx), aslo kit, malaria card, alk. phosphatase kit (erba/acurx), total protein kit (erba/acurx), se. albumin kit (erba/acurx), vdrl kit, hiv rapid test/tri dot, widal kit, pregnency card, ecg rool (106*20 mtr), dispoal esr tube, micro pipet tepps 1000/100, cbc edta voial, water bath, sahili tube round, HB pipet, dispo urine conter, marker pans, tarniquit, stain plastic biker, dispo pepet, cottan roll, nideel, despo. syring with needal 5 ML, despo. syring with needal 3 ML, Z.N. kit for AFB, HBSAG, cholestrol kit, triglycerid kit, HDL kit, BT/CT tube, deionized water, sugar kit, surgical glaves, disposable face mask, sodium hypochlorite, edta solution 5%, urocalor strip, urine ALB/sugar, micropipet 50UI/100ul/1000ul, JCB 1 & 2, sprite, disposal test tube, cover slip, field stain A&B, CBC control kit, dengu elisa test, PBF solution, sulfur power, PCV solution, PT – INT kit/solution, RF test kit, S. CRP, semen analysis solution, serem amylase, CSF kit, pleural/ascitic fluid, coombs test, serum CK-MB kit, serum CK-NAC, serum calcium, serum LDH kit, uric acid kit, TEC fluid, red cell fluid, ECG jaly, sahli HB mitter (tullip), digital HB hemocue 301 microcuvette, plain vecum tube, tincture iodine.
Tender Location : Rajasthan - India
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Tender Value : INR 520000
Tender Closing Date : 11/07/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 11/07/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Health Services/Equipments - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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