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Product Detail : Supply, installation & commissioning of teaching equipment for establishment of pharmacy lab (i. physiology/pharmacology/ pharmacognosy lab, ii. pharmaceutical chemistry/biochemistry lab, iii. clinical pathology lab, iv. pharmaceutics lab, v. machine room lab, vi. hospital and clinical pharmacy lab, ) on turnkey basis 04 govt. pharmacy institutes in different districts (banka, sasaram, siwan & nalanda) of bihar compound microscopes, dissection microscope, haemocytometer with glass neubeur blood counting chamber (complete set), sahli's hemoglobinometer, sphygmomanometers (clock type), spygmomanometer (aneroid type), spygmomanometer (digital), stethoscopes, model of human skeleton (complete) mounted on stand, model of 5th cervical vertebra mounted on stand, model of human hand mounted on stand, model of animal cell mounted on stand, model of axis and occipital bone mounted on stand, model of bones of foot mounted on stand, model of brain with arteries mounted on stand, model of brain stem and nuclei of the hypothalamus mounted on stand, model of basal nuclei and internal capsule mounted on stand, model of cranial and autonomic nerves mounted on stand, model of diencephalon mounted on stand, model double helix dna 12 bp model mounted on stand, model of unisex torso 20 parts, fibre mounted on stand, model of human ear mounted on stand, model of human eye mounted on stand, model of human heart mounted on stand, model of female genital organ, model of muscles of the human leg mounted on stand, model of muscles of the human arm mounted on stand, model of male urinary system, model of stomach (1.5x life size) mounted on stand, model of frog dissection, model of rat dissection, chart of human blood group, chart of human skin, chart of human brain, chart of human reproductive system (male), chart of human reproductive system (female), chart of human development of embryo, chart of human types of placenta, chart of vestigial organ, chart of human kidney , chart of homologous and analogous organ, chart of embryo development-i, chart of human morphology, chart of embryo development-ii, chart of human stomach, chart of human intestine-large, chart of human intestine-small, chart of human body, chart of invitro fertilization, chart of invitro fertilization, human skeleton and bones, human skeleton and bones, digital balance , computer with lcd & ups, ir thermometer, mercury thermometer, mercury thermometer, digital thermometer, refrigerator, first aid equipment, stop watch, esr apparatus, esr apparatus, wright's peak flow meter, miniature peak flow meter, miniature peak flow meter, stadiometer, adult weighing scale (150 kg), projection microscope, chart of medicinal plant anise, chart of digitallis leaf, chart of datura leaf, chart of ephedra leaf, chart of funnel leaf, chart of ginger rhizome, chart of ipecacunha root, chart of kurchi bark, chart of liquorice root, chart of nuxvomica seed, chart of quantitative microscopic i (microscopic calibartion), chart of quantitative microscopic ii (determination of vein islet number and determination of paliside ratio), chart of aloes (aloe vera), chart of rauwolfia root, chart of squill, chart of senna leaf, chart of turmeric, chart of typical examles of epidermis showing stomota, trichomes, & epidermis cells, chart of vasaka leaf, chart of ashwagandha, chart of belladona, chart of clove bud, chart of coriander, chart of cascara leaf, chart of cardamom fruit, chart of cinnamom bark, models, , , , various types of ppe kits,, , hot plates, refrigerator, analytical balances , digital balance , magnetic stirrers with thermostat, vacuum pump, digital ph meter, wall mounted water distillation unit, nessler’s cylinders, melting point apparatus, thiele's tube, digital colorimeter, electric water bath, heating mantle, digital balance , microscopes, autoclave, vacuum pump, standard sieves, sieve no. 8, 10, 12,22,24,44,54,60,80,85,100,120, tablet dissolution test apparatus , magnetic stirrer, 500ml and 1 litter capacity with speed control, digital ph meter, capsule counter, hot plate, distillation unit, tablet counter , electric water bath unit, stalagmometer, desiccator, buchner funnels (medium), filtration assembly with vacuum pump, andreasen’s pipette, ointment slab, ointment spatula, pestle and mortar porcelain, refrigerator, micrometre slide eyepiece, micrometre slide stage, viscometer ostwald/brookfield, stop watch, sintered glass filter with vacuum, aseptic cabinet , heating mantle, laminar air flow, capsule filling machine, tablet punching machine, tablet disintegration test apparatus, monsanto’s hardness tester, pfizer type hardness tester, friability test apparatus (digital single/double unit), sieve shaker with sieve set, ointment filling machine, all-purpose equipment with all accessories, bottle washing machine, bottle sealing machine, liquid filling machine, ampoule washing machine, ampoule filling and sealing machine (jet burner), clarity test apparatus, collapsible tube
Tender Location : Bihar - India
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Tender EMD : INR 1000000
Tender Closing Date : 21/07/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 22/07/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Health Services/Equipments - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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