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Sector abcHealth Services/EquipmentsTender ValueN.A.
LocationOrissa (Odisha) - India Ref.No50413512
Closing Date27 - Jul - 2022
Supply of veterinary items, tab. albendazole, 150 mg/tab, tab. albendazole,600mg/tab, bolus albendazole, 1.5gm/bolus, albendazole oral suspension 2.5% w/v, 90ml/bottle, bolus closantel, 1gm/bolus, closantel oral suspension 15% w/v, 30ml/ bottle, tab. fenbendazole, 150 mg/tab, bolus fenbendazole, 1.5gm/bolus, bolus fenbendazole, 3.0 gm per bolus, tab. febendazole+praziquantel(febendazole 150mg + praziquentel 50mg) per tab, inj. ivermectin, 10mg(1%) per ml, 10ml/vial, inj. ivermectin & clorsulon-ivermectin 10mg(1%) & clorsulon 100mg(10%) per ml, 10ml/ vial, bolus levamisole & oxyclozanide (levamisole hcl 500mg + oxyclozanide 1gm) per bolus, levamisole & oxyclozanide oral susp. (levamisole hcl 1.5% w/v + oxyclozanide 3% w/v),90 ml /bottle, inj. lithium antimony thiomalate- lithium antimony thiomalate 6% w/v,50ml/ vial, piperazine hexahydrate liquid- (piperazine hexahydrate 45% w/v), 30ml/bottle, piperazine hexahydrate liquid- (piperazine hexahydrate 45% w/v),500ml /bottle, piperzine adipate liquid -(piperazine adipate 45% w/v),30ml/ bottle, piperzine adipate liquid -(piperazine adipate 45% w/v),500ml/ bottle, bolus triclabendazole with levamisole triclabendazole-900mg &, levamisole hydrochloride- 562.5mg)/ bolus, inj. amikacin -amikacin 250 mg/ml,10 ml/vial, inj. amoxycilin + cloxacilin-(amoxycilin sodium 1gm + cloxacilin sodium 1gm)/vial,2gm/ vial with diluent, inj. amoxycilin + cloxacilin -(amoxycilin sodium 2gm + cloxacilin sodium 2gm)/vial.,4gm/ vial with diluent, inj. amoxycillin + sulbactum -(amoxycillin 2gm + sulbactum 1gm)/vial,3 gm/ vial with diluent, inj. amoxycillin + sulbactum -(amoxycillin 3g +sulbactum 1.5gm)/ vial, 4.5gm/ vial with diluent, inj. ceftiofur -(ceftiofur 250 mg/ vial with diluent, inj. ceftiofur -ceftiofur 1gm /vial with diluent, inj. ceftriaxone -ceftriaxone 500mg/vial with diluent, inj. ceftriaxone -ceftriaxone 1gm/vial with diluent, inj. ceftriaxone - ceftriaxone 2g/vial with diluent, inj. ceftriaxone - ceftriaxone 3gm/vial with diluent, inj. ceftriaxone - ceftriaxone 4gm/vial with diluent, inj. ceftriaxone +tazobactum - ceftriaxone 3000 mg + tazobactum 375mg) -- 3.375gm /vial with diluent, inj. ceftriaxone +tazobactum - ceftriaxone 500mg + tazobactum 62.5mg)/vial , 562.5mg/ vial with diluent , cefalexin powder- cefalexin 7.5% w/w, bolus ciprofloxacin + tinidazole-ciprofloxacin 1500mg + tinidazole 1800mg )/ bolus, tab. ciprofloxacin + tinidazole-ciprofloxacin 250mg+ tinidazole 300mg)/tab, inj. enrofloxacin 20% -enrofloxacin 20% w/v(200mg/ml)/vial,50ml /vial, inj. enrofloxacin 20%- enrofloxacin 20% w/v(200mg/ml)/vial,30ml /vial, enrofloxacin oral liquid - enrofloxacin 10% w/v(100mg/ml) 100ml /bottle, inj. gentamicin- gentamicin sulfate 40mg/ml,100ml /vial, inj. gentamicin - gentamicin sulfate 40mg/ml,30ml /vial, inj. oxytetracycline la - oxytetracycline dihydrate 200mg/ml,30ml/ vial, inj. oxytetracycline - oxytetracycline dihydrate 200mg/ml,50ml/ vial, inj. oxytetracycline - oxytetracycline hydrochloride 50mg/ml, 100ml/ vial, inj. oxytetracycline - oxytetracycline hydrochloride 50mg/ml,30ml /vial, inj. oxytetracycline - oxytetracycline hydrochloride 50mg/ml,50ml/ vial, tab. oxytetracycline - oxytetracycline 500mg/tab, inj. strepto- penicillin- (procaine penicillin g 15 lakh units+penicilin g sodium 5 lakh units +streptomycin sulphate 2.5gm)-2.5gm vial with diluent, inj. sulfadimidine 33.3% - sulfadimidine sodium 333mg/ml (33.3%), 100ml/ vial, bolus sulfadimidine -sulfadimidine sodium 5gm/bolus, inj. sulphonamide + trimethoprim - (sulphamethoxazole 400mg+ trimethoprim 80mg)/ml,30ml /vial, bolus sulphonamide + trimethoprim - (sulphamethoxazole 2gm, trimethoprim 400mg)/ bolus, tetracycline oral (water soluble) powder-tetracycline hydrochloride 50mg/gm,100gm/ pouch, amprolium oral (water soluble) powder - (amprolium hydrochloride 20% w/w +vit. k3-0.2% w/w),150gm/ pkt, inj. buparvaquone - buparvaquone 50mg/ ml,20ml /vial, inj. diaminazine aceturate rtu - (diaminazine aceturate 70mg + phenazone 375mg)/ml, 30ml/ vial, inj. imidocarb 12% - imidocarb diproprionate 120mg/ml,10ml /vial, inj. isometamidium hydrochloride - isometamidium chloride hydrochloride 250mg /vial with diluent, inj. quinapyramine sulphate & chloride (quinapyramine sulphate-1.5gm + quinapyramine chloride-1.0gm)/vial, 2.5gm /vial with diluent, inj. dicyclomine hydrochloride - dicyclomine/dicycloverine hydrochloride 10mg/ml,30ml/vial, inj. isoflupredone- isoflupredone acetate 2mg/ml,10ml /vial, inj. isoflupredone - isoflupredone acetate 2mg/ml,5ml /vial, inj. ketoprofen - ketoprofen 100mg/ml,100ml /vial, inj. ketoprofen- ketoprofen 100mg/ml,15ml/ vial, inj. meloxicam+paracetamol - (meloxicam 5mg + paracetamol 150mg+ lignocaine hcl 1%)/ml,30ml/vial, inj. meloxicam- meloxicam 5mg/ml,30ml/ vial, bolus meloxicam+ paracetamol - (meloxicam 100mg + paracetamol 1500mg)/ bolus, inj. phenyle butazone - (phenyle butazone 200mg+ sodium salicylate 20mg)/ml,30ml /vial, inj. tolfenamic acid - tolfenamic acid 40mg/ml,100ml/ vial, inj. tol
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