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Sector abcEducation And Research InstituteTender ValueINR 27 Lakhs
LocationTamil Nadu - India Ref.No47241561
Closing Date09 - Feb - 2022
Supply of dental materials and reagents kits - sugar, urea, creatinine, uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides, hdl(direct/precipita, ting), sgot (ast), sgpt (alt), alp, total protein, albumin, ck-mb, total ck, amylase, calcium, phosphorous, prothrombin time, ldh, hba1c, t3, (free), t4, (free), tsh(free), psa, chloride, microalbumin, bilirubin, cholinesterase, lipase, iron, hdl cholesterol, single blood bag, transfer blood, bag, triple blood bags, pediatric blood, bags, hbs ag kit instant &, elisa, hiv 1& 2 kit instant &, elisa, hcv kit instant & elisa, malaria kit, vdrl kit, grouping sera a,b &, d, bovine albumin, reagent, coomb s (ahg), reagent, blood grouping a1, anti ab reagent, anti d(igg =igm), blood grouping, sera anti h, hbsag rapid card, test, crp latex, agglutination test, aso latex, agglutination test, rpr test kit, rf latex, agglutination test, widal test kit, malarial parasite, rapid card test, micro filarial card, test, dengue rapid card, test (igm,igg,ns 1 ag), dengue rapid card, test (igm,igg, ), hiv rapid card test, hbsag elisa kit, hiv elisa kit, leptospira elisa kit, igm), hepatitis c virus, antibody card test, scrub typhus, antibody rapid card, test, pmv-ec-5kit (erba), cell pack (erba), stomotolyser (erba), cell cleaner (erba), drakbkin solution, uristic g/b, grouping a,b & d, hdl cholesterol, glucose, tgl, urea, widal, methanol, rectified sprit, propylene glycol, edta powder, xylene, anti sera a,b,d & a1, pepper,mint, camper, copper sulphate, hcl, sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, gention violet, eosin, mercury chloride, brilliant crysyle, blue, sodium carbonate, heparin, glacial acetic acid, serum lh, serum fsh, serum proloctin, serum bicarbonate, malaria (elisa), dengue (elisa), sybhilis (elisa), d-dimer (covid-19), ferritin (covid-19), crp (covid-19), il-6 (covid-19), alkaline phosphate, amylase, bilirubin direct, bilirubin total, calcium (a), cholesterol, ck nac, ckmb, creatinine, gamma gt, glucose, direct hdl cholestrol with, calibrator, ldh-p, sgot_hl, sgpt-hl, direct ldl cholestrol with, calibrator, phosphorus, triglycerides, urea, uric acid, lipase, total protien 10x44, albumin 10x44, hb aic (2x15 ml ) (2x5, ml) with calibrator, erba xl micro protein, 10x12 ml, erba autowash, multi xl calibrator, sample cups, wash solution, erba norm-normal, erba path-high, auto wash ac/aal, ise module 1 pack, pm kit for xl 640, cuvette pack for xl 640, ise set ot tubings for xl, 640, ise tubing kit for xl-640, ise reference electrode for, xl-640, ise sodium electrode for, xl-640, ise potassium electrode for, xl-640, pm kit for di water, ise chloride electrode for, xl -640, acid wash xl auto wash, ac/al 5x44 ml/5x44 ml, erba xl magnesium 2x44, ferritin, crp, 2% chlorhexidine, ab gel, acrylic trimmer, airotor bur (round,, tapering, inverted cone,, straight), alginate, aluminium foil, aluminium oxide, amalgam polishing kit, applicator tips, articulating paper, bacillol, base former, base plate, begg bracket bondable, contoured, begg bracket bondable flat, begg bracket weltable, contoured, begg bracket weltable flat, bleaching kit, biodentine, biting sleeve, blow torch, bondable tubes, bone graft material gtr, (alloderm, alloplasts,, deminralized, bone graft,, xenograft, ossegraft,, ossemold), bone wax, broaches, brush biopsy, calcium hydroxide &, iodoform paste, calcium hydroxide, (powder), calcium hydroxide paste, cheek retractor, caries detector dye, carborundum disc, cavity varnish, casting alloy- base metal, pellets, ceramic kit, chin cap, coe pack-gc, cold mould seal, coloplug (collagen plug), composite polishing kit, composite polishing system, composite polishing strip, (medium , fine, extrafine), composite resin –, (tetric n ceram )kit, composite resin – anterior, & posterior, a1,a2,a3,a3.5, b1, b2,, c1,c2, composite resin – anterior, & posterior, a1,a2,a3,a3.5, b1, b2,, c1,c2 (te-econom plus), contoured matrix system, crimpable hooks, crown preparation set, crown wax, dental floss, dental plaster of paris, (pop), dental stone, die stone, dentin conditioner, denture adhesive powder, denture resin heat cure, (clear) polymer and, monomer, denture resin heat cure, (pink)- polymer and, monomer, denture resin heat cure –, liquid, denture resin self cure -, polymer with monomer (, clear), denture resin self cure -, polymer with monomer (, pink), die hardener, die lubricant, die pin, die spacer, disposable apron, disposable face mask, (3 ply), disposable head cap, disposable sterilization, pouch, disposable suction tip, dycal, edta gel, edta solution, etchant gel, etchant liquid, elastomer-addition silicone, kit (putty + light body), endo floss, endo post – screw post, erich arch bar, eugenol, ever x posterior, expansion screw 2d, expansion screw 3d, fibre post, fibre splints, face shield, fluoride varnish, flux, form tray, formacresol, flavoured topical, anaesthetic gel, flowable composite tube, a1,a2, green stone burs, gic ii light cure, gic varnish, gic type -i (luting), cement, gic type -ii (
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